Managing Entity

The managing body of the “Fiumedinisi and Monte Scuderi” Oriented Nature Reserve is the “Regional Department of Rural and Territorial Development.”

Managing Entity

The Authority’s priority goal is to carry out effective actions in order to protect and enhance natural resources, monitor and defend rare and/or endangered species, ensure public enjoyment, and promote naturalistic knowledge.


Conservation of the natural environment is carried out through various functions:

  • The protection of the natural resources
    present which is carried out through appropriate regulations, constraints and prescriptions;

  • The monitoring and defense
    of rare and/or threatened flora and fauna species and various environmental and geological singularities;

  • The increase of knowledge
    naturalistic to encourage eco-sustainable tourism, in accordance with the conservation needs of the protected site.

Palermo office

Service 2 - Nature Reserves, Protected Areas and Environmental Tourism.

Viale Regione Siciliana northwest, 4600 Palermo 90145, Italy



Messina Office

Service 13 - Service for the Territory of Messina

Viale San Martino, 62 Messina 98123, Italy



La Riserva di Fiumedinisi e Monte Scuderi è, prima di tutto, una Riserva Naturale protetta, curata ed a tua disposizione tutto l’anno: vivila e rispettala.

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Fiumedinisi and Monte Scuderi Reserve is, first and foremost, a protected Nature Reserve, cared for and available to you all year round: experience and respect it.

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